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About me 🤷🏼‍♂️

I am a DevOps Engineer with 6 years of experience working with containers, cloud, and automation.

I help companies achieve streamlined, auditable, and security-compliant cloud deployments using Infrastructure as Code. I build out CI/CD pipelines that supercharge development workflows. I implement complete application & infrastructure monitoring solutions that provide visibility on uptime and reliability.

I love using tools like Pulumi and Terraform to provision cloud-native infrastructure in AWS and implementing GitOps workflows that align infrastructure provisioning with traditional software development and release workflows. I have experience with Kubernetes in many forms, in both private and public clouds, and have worked on globally distributed infrastructure in globally distributed teams.

Aside from infrastructure, I am also a bit of a coder, with 4 years of experience using Python to automate tasks and, more recently, using TypeScript and Golang to build web apps and APIs in my side projects. I make an effort to contribute to the code-base of the organisations I work for, with improvements focussing on reliability and security from a systems standpoint. The line between DevOps and Developer is becoming thinner with time, and I welcome the transition.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me using this form.